All bookings are subject to the following terms and conditions. All participants to a SVO programme, should agree to the following terms and conditions.


For under 3 months programme, full enrolments must be received by SVO office in Angoulême at least 2 months before the start of the programme. For over 3 months programme, full enrolments must be received by the SVO office in Angoulême at least 3 months before the start of the programme, and at least 4 months for the non-EU members –for visa purpose-.

All specific requirements will be considered if they are specified in the initial registration form send at least 4 months before the start of the programme. For the class choice and the baccalaureate options, students must justify a B2 minimum level of French with an official approval of their high-school.

Requests received after these dates can only be accepted on a space available basis. Participants, their parents or legal guardians should give detailed information about their health, special diets, allergies, etc at the time of application (see §7). Registration can only be processed if accompanied by a deposit (see § 3).

For registrations over the delay, a non-refundable 350e extra service fee should be charged.


For all SILC programmes, prices are indicated on the enclosed price list. The price includes all the services as described in the present brochure.


A non-refundable deposit of 500e is required at the time of booking. The balance is due no later than 28 days prior to arrival. – SWIFT transfer: Bank Identi cation Code CCBPFRPPBDX

  • Bank transfer


rue Jean Fougerat – 16000 ANGOULEME – France Bank code : 10907 / Desk code : 00553 Account number : 27321095696 / Key : 89 International Banking Account Number (IBAN) FR76 1090 7005 5387 3210 9584 812 Bank Identication Code (BIC) : CCBPFRPPBDX

  • Credit card: Visa, Master… (please state the name of the cardholder, the credit card number, the expiry date and the credit card cryptogram). All payments should be made out to the order of SVO. All nancial transactions must be made in Euros. If payment is made in another currency, change taxes will be charged to the client.
  • Transfer: payment must include payment transfer charges.


Upon receipt of the completed registration form and deposit, the participant or the agent receive confirmation indicating the remaining balance. SVO will communicate all the necessary information before departure, providing that full payment has been received.

For late registration, delay of confirmation and arrival should be postponed.


In order to organize arrival/departure transfers, SVO dates and conditions must be respected. International travel details should be received by SVO no later than 21 days before. Past this delay, individual transfers fees should be charged 85e.


Paris orientation is only available for students starting in September. If they respect arrival conditions fixed by SVO.


Changes of programme, dates etc. will be charged at the cost of 350e.


Medical insurance is compulsory. All participants enrolled on a SVO programme will be asked to prove they have subscribed to a full personal medical insurance and public liability insurance. Participants are not insured by SVO for theft or loss of personal belongings. In conformity with French Law, SVO has a full Public Liability Insurance. This insurance included in our tariffs covers: Individual Accident, Medical Assistance and Repatriation. It does not cover the participant’s public liability. Details of the policy can be addressed to all participants upon request.


Any food allergy must be reported in the registration form. Its specificities will have to be clearly written in French. Upon receipt of this document, it will be  immediately sent to our representatives for prior acceptance. SVO reserves the right to refuse a participant for security reason. In case a student is accepted  on the programme, his/her legal guardians/natural parents remain responsible throughout the stay.

In case of an accident, they will not imply SVO, nor the representatives or host families.


No visa required for citizens of the non-enlarged

E.U. New members of the E.U. should contact the French Embassy or Consulate in their country to check details.

Non E.U. members should contact the French Embassy or Consulate in their country to check the details regarding entry permits. It is their responsibility to have the relevant valid travel documents for entering France (passport, visa…) and it is their responsibility to get the relevant valid documents to stay in France (carte de séjour…). For the students whose visa is denied, refunds will be reviewed

providing that the criterias for  obtaining the visa were respected according to the country’s regulations. In any case, registration fees and related fees will not be reimbursed.


By the Agent/the participant:

  • During the stay: in the case of an anticipated return, extra costs will be borne by the participant, the natural parents or legal guardians. No refund of programme fees will be made.

> Before the stay: cancellation fees are as follows

> Between 30 and 11 days before start date: 50% of the invoice + the non-refundable deposit.

Between 10 days and 48 hours before start  date: 75% of the invoice + the non-refundable deposit.

Less than 48 hours before arrival: 100% of the invoice + the non-refundable deposit of 500.


Registering for a programme means that the participant commits himself/herself to attend all classes and/or activities and excursions as per programme content.

SVO will not give any refund if the participant misses classes or decides to curtail his/her programme (this excludes absence for proven medical cause on presentation of a medical certificate.

The agent or the participant cannot claim any refund if the latter decides to curtail the programme.

  • DISCIPLINE & ANTICIPATED RETURN SVO  reserves  the right  to expel or  to send a participant home for unacceptable behaviour (i.e. theft or alcohol abuse, incorrect conduct with the host family…). If the participant is under 18 years of age the natural parents or legal guardians will be  informed. Extra costs will be borne by the participant, the natural parents or legal guardians. In the case of an anticipated return for personal or discipline reasons no refund of programme fees will

be made. By signing the registration form or any other written form of registration, the participant and/or his/her natural parents or legal guardians accept SVO terms and conditions.

13.Evening outings :

Participants under 18 years old are not allowed to go out in the evening without being accompanied by an adult. Participants of 18 years old and over are allowed to go out in the evening. However, they must respect the host family rules and customs and should behave accordingly.


The participant must attend all classes and/or activities of the programme, and be punctual. Should irregular attendance  or other behaviour of the participant leads to a disturbance of the course and/or activities for other participants, SVO reserves the right to expel the participant from the programme. In such an event the programme monies paid shall not be refunded in any way, not even on a pro-rata basis.


Our host families respect the variety of social, race and religious backgrounds that can be found in today’s French society. Host families can be made of a single parent with or without children, active retired people, couples with or without children, etc. Our choice of host families is based on their ability and motivation to provide the care and safety a student needs while staying in France and their willingness to share their culture with the participant. SVO will not accept cancellation of a programme based on social, racial and religious dislikes of the participant and/or his/her natural parents or legal guardian.

If SVO must find a new host family, SVO should charge an extra 500e service fee.


There are no lessons on French national holidays, the lessons are neither replaced nor refunded.


Each participant is liable for his/her personal property, unless loss or damage is proven to be due to  SVO’ negligence. If anything is missing when the participant leaves the centre/school/host family, the participant should let the Director of the centre/school or SVO know about it immediately. Expensive and treasured items such as jewellery, CD players, mp3s, personal video games, mobile phones, cameras, designer clothes/shoes/trainers… should not be brought to camp/centre/school/host family as they are often inappropriate on an activity holiday.

All personal property left in the centre or host family after departure will be sent back at the participant’s own expense.


Photos of participants taken during their SVO programmes may be used for any SVO publication (brochures, website…). Should participants refuse, they must inform SVO in writing within the time of their registration.


Claims must be addressed to the Direction of SVO and must be made by registered letter to: SVO – 35 Rue du Sauvage – 16000 ANGOULEME Cedex

– FRANCE within 30 days following the end of the participant programme.

Legal claims will be dealt with by the «Tribunal d’Angoulême».


  • Professional third party liability: ALLIANZ police n° 42.924.430
  • Guarantee «Voyages» CHARTIS n° 4091039

All damages: 10 000 000e