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In our summer camp abroad program, youngsters are in total immersion in the country. They entertain themselves with friends from many nationalities. Our summer camps offer many activities to match their wishes. In addition, they will live in exceptional environments! You can have a look at our programs below. Feel free to contact us for any questions.


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Summer Camp

summer camp in Canada

summer camp program CanadaHaving fun, taking part in numerous sporting activities, enjoying evenings around a campfire… That will be the daily life students will share with young Canadians. This camp ensures wonderful moments living together in a “tribe”, in the heart of the great Canadian outback. A fulfilling experience and all in English!

See detailed description of the summer camp program in Canada.


Summer Camp

summer camp in Ireland

summer camp program in IrelandTo improve their English whilst having fun! This Summer camp offers English lessons, and total immersion thanks to the numerous activities proposed. Archery, kayaking, wind-surfing, cooking… it’s even more fun because it’s shared with Irish children. In addition, a camping weekend is also an opportunity to share an adventure with friends. Learning while having fun, surely a guaranteed progress! See detailed description of the summer camp program in Ireland.


Horse Riding Camp

horse summer camp Ireland

horse riding summer campHorse riding in one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland! Mounting, trekking, horse caring, the study of horses… Students will totally live their dream. Since participants are limited by their native language, this option is a real opportunity for progressing in English. The English classes are held in small groups of 3. Riding sessions, all in English, are in groups of maximum 6 riders.

See detailed description of this program.

Great Britain

Football Camp

football summer camp England

football summer campWelcome to Manchester, THE City of football. The Manchester City Football Schools will host students. They will live in a fabulous complex for football enthusiasts. The program includes daily training sessions run by Manchester City coaches. There will also be competitions, interactive English football-focused classes, and an interview just like the “pros”. Plus they will leave with a kit of Manchester City colours! Football and English, the winning duo for their next holiday! See detailed description of the football camp program.

United States

Summer Camp

summer camp abroad US

summer camp program in the United StatesWelcome to this real-life “made in the USA” Summer camp! To speak English and have fun! Students will not be dreaming: their next holiday will be unforgettable! They will share all activities with young people from around the world. They will communicate exclusively in English. Students will thus progress without even realising it. They will make new friends and just have great fun ! See detailed description of the summer camp program.


Summer Camp

summer camp Scotland

summer camp program in ScotlandFor sporty and full of energy students. This Summer camp has numerous activities! Kayaking, climbing, forest rallies, mountain biking, archery, golf… There is something for everyone! They will share these activities with other young people from around the world. This is probably one of the best ways to practice their English! They will progress without even realising it. See detailed description of the summer camp program in Scotland.


Golf Camp

golf summer camp Scotland

golfcamp in ScotlandWelcome to St Andrews Links Golf Complex! This is one of the most beautiful golf courses of Scotland. Alternating lessons and a different course each day, students will practice their favourite sport full-time. They will live in a superb campus overlooking the sea. They will share their passion with other young people of all nationalities, hence continuously perfecting their English. See detailed description of the golf camp program in Scotland.


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Destinations: FranceCanada, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Spain, US, Italy and Scotland.

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