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homestay and tours in Spain

Welcome to España, the warm south of Europe

As part of a language stay, we offer teenagers the opportunity to experience life in Spain for a short or long period. You want to improve your Spanish skills quickly? The One-to-One program is what you need. You want fewer courses and more time spent on activities with natives? The homestay in Spain immersion program will give you this chance. You are looking for a cultural tour for your class? We can help you design a personalized adventure.


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Group Tours in Spain

group tour in Spain

Group Tours in Spain are a great opportunity to practice Spanish and to discover the cultural particularities of this fascinating country. The two programs we offer (in Madrid and Barcelona) are examples of what is possible to do. We invite you to contact us to discuss a personalized tour. We are always happy to hear suggestions and to build tailor-made programs.

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Immersion program in Spain

homestay in Spain

host family in Spain

Live within a native family really is one of the best way to practice Spanish and to fully enjoy a stay abroad. This is a perfect way to increase language skills and to learn to open up to others. Participants will integrate a Spanish-speaking family and will share all their time with them.

See here detailed description of the immersion program.



One to One courses in Spain

individual tuition Spain

host family and tuition in Spain

If you are looking for an efficient way to learn Spanish, the One to One method is advised, as it is very intensive. Courses will be delivered by a qualified teacher within the host family house. The combination of a private teacher with a Spanish-speaking environment ensures the success of the program.

See detailed description of the One to One program.



SILC International provides as well different types of programs and destinations. You can find below links to our other programs and destinations.

Our other programs: High School, Group Tours, Immersion, One to One and Summer Camps.

Our other destinations: France, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, US, Canada, and Italy.

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries. Most of our programs are samples and can be therefore adapted to your project. We are always ready to create unique programs. In fact, SILC specializes in providing tailor-made programs. Feel free to discuss your suggestions with our SILC team!

The Spanish Foreign Affairs Office can provide you with helpful information as well.