summer camp Scotland

The beauty and wilderness of Scotland are waiting for you

A summer camp in Scotland is a great adventure for sport lovers and English learners! This is a good opportunity to practice your favourite sports. This is also the perfect place to speak English. Our camps gather international English-speaking teenagers and supervisors. Welcome to Scotland!


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Summer Camp in Scotland

summer camp Scotland

Summer Camp Scotland

Climbing, kayaking, adventure courses… This summer camp program guarantees an intense and enjoyable experience in Scotland! But that’s not all. Sport activities will be doubled with an immersion in an English-speaking group. An international environment will be a chance to progress in English and to easily open up to others through sport. Pack your things and join our camp!

See here the detailed description of this program.


Golf Camp in Scotland

Golf summer camp Scotland

Golf camp Scotland

Supervised by professionals in the wonderful St Andrews Golf Complex, golf enthusiasts will definitely have a good time! Practicing English will also be part of the stay. Indeed, supervisors and other students form an international group of English speakers. This camp is the perfect balance between an immersion in an anglophone country and prime golf lessons. See here the detailed description of this program.


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