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individual tuition abroad

The 24-hour classroom!

To improve students general knowledge of every aspect of the language: listening, communication, written and oral expression. Students can choose 10 or 15 lessons per week of personalised individual tuition abroad,. Lessons are taught by a qualified teacher, member of the family.


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individual tuition France

host family and tuition FranceIf students wish to make rapid progress in a short time, one-to-one tuition is the ultimate and most effective option. Through this intensive, tailor-made course, their teacher will work closely with them to identify their needs and objectives. See detailed description of the one to one program in France:

-> For Juniors (13/17 years old)

-> For Adults (17 +)


individual tuition Germany

host family and tuition GermanyCombining the welcoming atmosphere of a German family with tailor-made private lessons is a guarantee for making quick and easy progress. This educational immersion will enable students to improve aspects of the German language that they will have specified. They will familiarise themselves with the subtleties of its culture, while in a caring environment. They will soon fulfill their objective of progressing in the language whilst boosting their confidence. More intuitive German, it is possible! See detailed description of the one to one program in Germany.

Great Britain

individual tuition Great Britain

host family and tuition Great BritainMade-to-measure English “made in England”! That is what this personalised immersion programme with private tuition offers. They will work towards those objectives during their lessons. They will practice them instantly throughout their stay on a daily basis in contact with their host family. Living entirely in English 24/7 is the perfect way to make rapid progress, both in writing and speaking, as well as boosting their self-confidence. See detailed description of the one to one program in Great Britain.


individual tuition Ireland

host family and tuition IrelandLearning English theory and putting it into practice simultaneously is the objective of this intensive, but not unpleasant, program! Hosted by a warm and welcoming Irish family and whose daily life they will share, they will be given tailor-made private lessons by their teacher. They will consequently be able to practice the language and progress throughout their stay with complete confidence, immersed in the sounds that will quickly become familiar. See detailed description of the one to one program in Ireland.


individual tuition Spain

host family and tuition in SpainCompleting theoretical knowledge with an immersive experience is a good way to put into practice the Spanish language. This linguistic immersion in the local culture, in daily contact with a warm and accommodating host family, offers students the opportunity to soak up the language naturally. As a result, they will be able to express themselves with greater ease and self-confidence. Olé! See detailed description of the one to one program in Spain.


Contact us for information and advice concerning your project or other destinations. We offer other programs in France and abroad.

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Destinations: France, Great Britain, Germany, US, Canada, Spain, Scotland, Ireland and Italy as well.