group tour in Italy

Visit Italy, a journey between Antiquity and Renaissance

History, Art, Architecture and Gastronomy are all responsible for the undeniable charm of Italy. With a group tour in Italy, you can give your students a chance to experience it. This is the perfect opportunity for them to discover a fascinating culture and to speak Italian.


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Group Tours in Italy

We offer samples of tours in Rome and Florence. Those two cities are among the most popular places of Italy. In addition to these destinations, you can discuss your projects with us. We are always happy to help our partners to create tailor-made tours! Contact us for any enquiries and suggestions.

Excursions to Rome can include, for example, the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, etc. Excursions to Venice can include the Bridge of Sighs, the Residence of Doges, etc. The content is really to discuss with you. We can together plan the perfect group tour in Italy!


group tours in Italy


SILC International also proposes alternative programs and destinations.

Alternative programs: High School, Group Tours, Immersion, One to One and Summer Camps.

Other destinations: France, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Spain, the United States, Canada and Scotland.

Feel free to contact us for any suggestion. Most of our programs are examples and are to be adapted to your project. We are always happy to create unique programs. We therefore invite you to discuss your project with our team!

The Italian Foreign Office can also give you useful information to prepare your tour.