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English language programs in Ireland

Learn English in Ireland, the land of the Celts

Through Group Tours or individual programs in native families or Summer Camps, we give teenagers top opportunities to learn English in Ireland. It will be an amazing chance to open up to a new culture and to discover Ireland. We design our programs with you, suited to your needs. Contact us to have more information about each program. You can also download detailed descriptions below.


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Group Tours in Ireland

Group tour in Ireland

Group Tours are a great chance for teenagers to visit a country while practicing English. These visits are a way for students to understand a culture better. It also is an opportunity to interact with natives. Contact us for personalized tours.

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Immersion program in Ireland

homestay in Ireland

host family Ireland

Ireland is a very good alternative to the UK or the USA to practice English. It really is a perfect place for teenagers that are willing to interact and speak English. In addition to the discovery of the Gaelic culture and the hospitality of Irish people, this program is a guarantee for a very vibrant experience.

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One to One courses in Ireland

learn English in Ireland

host family and private tuition in Ireland

The One to One program aims at giving teenagers an intensive English teaching for an efficient learning. They will share the daily life of an Irish family. They will receive classes from a qualified individual professor. SILC accompanies students in their learning.

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Summer Camps in Ireland

Irish summer camp

summer camp in Ireland

Summer Camps are a very enjoyable way to open up to others and to practice English. In our centers, children and teenagers will be integrated to an international group of Irish youngsters of the same age. Progress in English is therefore guaranteed thanks to courses and playful activities: campaign weekend, archery, kayaking, and more.

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SILC International offers all kind of programs abroad, in many countries.

Have a look at our programs: High School, Group Tours, Immersion, One to One and Summer Camps.

And our destinations: Canada, France, France, Germany, Spain, US, Italy and Scotland.

Contact us to discuss your ideas! Since most of our programs are samples, you can design a unique one with our help. We are always happy to create unique programs.