High School Program

SILC International High School Integration academic programme offers motivated students a unique opportunity to experience the life of foreign teenagers. They can become fluent and gain a better understanding of the culture of the country.



Perfect mastery of the language. Our school program allows to benefit from a total linguistic immersion on a long stay; at school, with the host family, with friends and during leisure time.

To immerse in another culture. Students will experience a different way of life, a new family and social landmarks. They will discover new educational methods, a different school approach, new customs and different uses.

Take a step ahead in preparing their future. An education abroad is undeniably an asset for the professional life.

To gain independence. Far from the usual benchmarks, students have to learn to build a new social life. They will have to adapt to new rhythms and to overcome difficulties.

Meet and exchange. In a world dominated by virtual relations, this program is based on exchange and personal enrichment.

This program gives the opportunity to discover the French way of life and its culture, while improving language skills in a French High School. Students will also study in the French educational system, one of the most successful in the world. SILC will organize the whole stay and will track students experience.

> See the brochure of the high school program in France.

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High School program in France

High School integration program in France


Here is the detailed brochure of the high school program in France.

Contact us for information and advice concerning your project or other destinations. The High School program is only available in France, however we offer other programs in France and abroad.

Programs: Group Tours, Immersion, One to One and Summer Camps.

Destinations: France, Great Britain, Germany, US, Canada, Spain, Scotland, Ireland and Italy.

You can also visit the French Diplomacy website for information about coming to France.