Experience lifestyle with your host family

SILC, designer of the “Bain Linguistique®” programme and a recognized specialist in homestay trips for more than 50 years, wanted to go further in meeting the needs of young people and of every language learner.

With its new “Trip & Chat” concept, SILC enables customers to choose their own host family for a language stay, according to their affinities: photos of guests, hobbies, personality, lifestyle, etc. These handpicked host families have been renamed “Chatters” because they are committed to really interacting with their host.

Whether you are, teenager, student or adult, the Trip & Chat is for you: as long as you are willing to improve your foreign language skills while sharing the everyday life of a genuine family. It’s up to you to choose your favorite Chatters, to decide on your dates, and to organize your own travel.

Discover the cream of the crop of host families in France, the UK and Canada, and make a booking request at the dates that suit you: the trip & chat is 100% à la carte !

The advantages of a Trip & Chat


A single price per night

picto a la carte

” A la carte ” stay

family pink

Visited and vetted Chatters


Discover French culture from the inside sharing in day-to-day life of a host family. This is the best way to live an authentic French experience. Your hosts will provide a warm and safe accommodation where you will socialise and practise your language skills.

Meet our French families

United Kingdom

Take advantage of the legendary Irish welcome and of the distinguished British Flegme to improve your level of English, this is what offers this total immersion programme.

On a daily basis, you’ll experience the way of life and culture of our Gaelic or British neighbors. 2 sides of a same kingdom, like two sides of a same coin. Which one will have your preference? It’s up to you to choose the family who will best correspond to who you are and what you like.

Meet our families in the UK


Traveler, in order to improve your English, why not sharing the daily life of a Canadian family? You will be the host of a carefully selected family and become familiar with their habits. As time goes by, you’ll feel more confident with the language, your fears will quickly fade away, and you will start communicating with greater ease. If you want to speak more fluently and communicate with other people, this is the most effective programme.

Discover our Canadian families