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homestay abroad

Experience lifestyle with your host family

This individual programme, in full immersion in a host family abroad without tuition, requires maturity and communication skills as you share the daily life of the family. During the stay you’ll keep a journal to be brought back home along. You will receive a certificate of completion as well. This program is especially relevant for teenagers that look for spoken interaction, rather than daily courses.


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host family in France

Homestay in France

Discover French culture from the inside sharing in day-to-day life of a host family. This is the best way to live an authentic French experience. Hosts will provide a warm and safe accommodation where students will socialise and practise their language skills without lessons. See detailed description of the immersion program in France:

-> For Juniors (13/17 years old)

-> For Adults (17 +)


Host family in Germany

homestay in Germany

To progress in German, what if students simply shared the daily life of a German family? Hosted by a carefully selected family, they will be immersed in the sounds, the habits and customs. They will thus rapidly become familiar with the language. Their apprehensions will quickly fade, and they will start to communicate with increasing ease. This integration programme is certainly effective for speaking more fluently and also for communicating with other people. See detailed description of the immersion program in Germany.

Great Britain

host family in Great Britain

homestay in Germany

There is nothing better than going to a country and meeting its inhabitants! Most of all, you will learn about their culture and be able to speak the language almost naturally. Thanks to this ‘total immersion’ program, students will live the daily life of a British family 100% in English. They will be fully immersed in the English language 24 hours a day. They will therefore quickly acquire a fluency allowing them to communicate more easily. “Keep cool, I can speak English!”See detailed description of the immersion program in Great Britain.


Host family in Ireland

homestay in Ireland

Getting the most out of the legendary Irish welcome to improve your level of English is what this total immersion programme offers. On a daily basis, students will experience the way of life and also the culture of our Gaelic neighbours. As for the accent, no problem, it is quite universal and they will be as much at ease in Ireland as in the UK or in the USA. See detailed description of the immersion program in Ireland.


host family in Spain

homestay in SpainCompleting theoretical knowledge with an immersion experience is a good way to put into practice their achievements in Spanish. This linguistic immersion in the local culture offers students the opportunity to soak up the language naturally. In addition, they will be in daily contact with a warm and accommodating host family. Olé! See detailed description of the immersion program in Spain.


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