Christmas is almost here!

Until we have the chance to share a good moment and unwrap our long-awaited gifts, let’s take a moment to talk about Christmas traditions in France. Christmas is strongly rooted in the French culture, here are some of the most famous traditions.

santa calus listIn preparation for Christmas, children are often asked at school to write a letter to Santa Claus. What is less known, is that these letters are processes by the French post. Indeed, anyone can send a letter to Santa Claus, free-of-charge… the French Post will even send back a reply, which helps children to believe in the Christmas magic.


christmas crecheNear the Christmas tree in French households, one can often find a Creche with small figures (known as Santons). The Creche is not exclusive to France, but French people often take the Creche to the next level. They like to add all kind of characters, and not only nativity figures.


christmas meal

One of the most important moment of the holiday season is, without surprise, the Christmas’ eve meal. Traditionally, all members of the family gather to share a long and generous diner. On the menu, one can almost always find oysters, champagne, poultry and a Yule log (known as la Bûche de Noël).


The SILC International team wishes you a Merry Christmas!


Christmas traditions in France
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